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Cold Applied Adhesive for Multi-Ply Systems

Carlisle’s Cold Applied Adhesive is a solvent-free, asphalt-modified polyether adhesive. This adhesive can be used with all Sure-Seal® or Sure-Weld® AFX membranes as a one-sided, wet lay-in adhesive. Cold Applied Adhesive can be used to lay-in Carlisle base sheets and is approved for direct application to the following insulations: Carlisle Polyisocyanurate, SecurShieldTM, SecurShield HD, HP Recovery Board, DensDeck®, DensDeck PrimeTM and Securock®. It is also approved for direct application to the following deck types: wood, cellular or perlite lightweight concrete, gypsum and structural concrete. Cold Applied Adhesive is also approved with existing smooth BUR, mineral- surface cap sheets or SBS modified bitumen in conjunction with the use of a power washer.

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