Energy-Absorbing, Impact-Risistant, Low-Rise, Urethane Adhesive

Energy-Absorbing, Impact-Risistant, Low-Rise, Urethane Adhesive

Carlisle pioneered and patented the VOC-free, energy-absorbing, impact-resistant Flexible FAST Adhesive for use with FleeceBACK® membranes and to secure insulation boards to the deck for a totally non-penetrating system application. This industry-leading breakthrough in urethane adhesive technology offers built-in elongation and energy- absorbing properties that work in conjunction with the FleeceBACK membrane to enhance puncture and hail resistance. Flexible FAST Adhesive is sprayed or extruded using state-of-the-art proportioning pumps to deliver the two components to a mixing spray gun for distribution onto the substrate.


  • Added Puncture Resistance
  • Energy Efficient and Environmentally Sound
  • Superior Wind Uplift
  • Expedient Installations without Interruption
  • Better System Warranties
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