Multi-Ply Inner-Ply Felt Options

Several glass ply felt options are available to incorporate with Carlisle's AFX TPO and EPDM membranes for a Total System Multi-Ply Warranty.

Carlisle's Type IV and VI Glass Ply Felts are manufactured with a heavyweight fiberglass mat containing heat-cured resinous binders for added dimensional stability. The high strength glass mat is saturated with type IV asphalt, giving our type VI felt excellent breaking strength, as well as a uniform porosity for ease in applications.

Carlisle’s Type IV and VI meet ASTM D-2178 Type VI felt and may be used as an inner ply or base ply in a Carlisle multi-ply system. It may be used as a base ply when mopped in place over asphalt-compatible substrates. When installed in a two ply format Carlisle’s Type VI Glass Ply Felt may be used as a temporary roof.

The Following Products Work with this Product:

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