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Hickman’s Extruded TerminEdgeTM provides the superior performance of formed TerminEdge with the added benefit of a heavy extruded aluminum retainer that comes in four sizes, 3.75”, 5.25”, 6.75” and 8.25”.

  • Clamps roof membrane against building like a termination bar preventing leaks and blow-offs.

  • Extruded retainer in four sizes: TEX-375 for one nailer, TEX-525 for two nailers, TEX-675 for three nailers and TEX-825 for four nailers of coverage.

  • Covered by our Category 5, 25-Year Warranty in wind conditions up to 155 mph.

  • Ballasted version available.

  • Extension cleat engages under the extruded retainer drip allowing for custom face sizes.

  • FM Approved for maximum wind rating Class 1-135.