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Designed with a multi-part technology that prevents shrinking, pull-back and thermal seperation of BUR or Mod Bit roofing plies from the roof’s edge, Hickman’s Safeguard® Gravel Stop has been protecting roofs for over 50 years.

  • Safeguard introduced multiple part technology that solved shrinking, pull-back, and thermal separation from roof edges.

  • Standard face sizes are 6.25”, 7.75”, 9.25” and 10.75”. Custom sizes available upon request.

  • FM Approved for maximum wind rating Class 1-225.

  • Extrusions available in 6.25”, 8” and 10” face sizes.

  • Tested, Certified, and Warranted in wind conditions up to 155 mph. 25-Year, Category 5 Warranty.