Energy Tax Deduction Assistance


Southern Sustainability is partnered with a professionally licensed engineering firm with niche accounting expertise that works nationally with property owners, architectural/engineering firms and specialty contractors delivering IRS and DOE approved tax incentives. We have experience with commercial office buildings, multi-tenant residential, retail big box, manufacturing and distribution facilities, schools, churches, hospitals, museums, military installations, hotels and even high-rise towers.

We are completing 179D certifications and cost segregation studies quietly behind the scenes for many of the top 100 CPA firms, A&E firms, property owners, tenants, investment firms, private equity groups, specialty contractors, private individuals and large corporations like Google, Hilton, Marriott, Disney, IKEA, BMW and Ford. We are conducting over 200+ studies a month yielding over $50 million per month in tax benefits to our clients.

For assistance with Energy Tax Deductions, please contact us.